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Players for clan NIHIL (The Nihilists) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Eisbaernd [NIHIL]2,955060.5%0.0%14,822
Moura [NIHIL]2,615057.7%0.0%17,285
DtXpwnz [NIHIL]2,797058.7%0.0%10,434
Ringo_Star [NIHIL]2,622057.9%0.0%57,601
Gystol [NIHIL]3,205059.9%0.0%2,272
Mustelidae [NIHIL]2,350056.9%0.0%13,239
Duy_Nguyen [NIHIL]2,658060.1%0.0%5,746
Wielki_Inkwizytor [NIHIL]2,368056.5%0.0%7,163
Born_in_CCCP_ [NIHIL]2,741064.6%0.0%605
Jooppi [NIHIL]2,868060.1%0.0%1,267
christopherx [NIHIL]2,684069.3%0.0%22,569
szyki22 [NIHIL]2,072057.3%0.0%12,247
Cromaq [NIHIL]2,137054.6%0.0%14,159
Arienspro [NIHIL]2,074058.6%0.0%6,274
Kobez [NIHIL]2,377070.2%0.0%36,930
spacemarty [NIHIL]1,995053.1%0.0%13,906
Benedictus [NIHIL]2,128069.7%0.0%5,796
Valmont [NIHIL]2,303061.4%0.0%47,698
iKraken [NIHIL]2,673062.7%0.0%6,644
yvermuthuah [NIHIL]2,577061.0%0.0%18,051
huncyrus [NIHIL]1,822053.8%0.0%20,001
Avicenna [NIHIL]2,239070.6%0.0%4,206
Valmontson [NIHIL]2,330074.9%0.0%5,681
Valmont_II [NIHIL]2,223089.5%0.0%449
Der_Hunne [NIHIL]1,834052.7%0.0%27,179
Kraftwerk_ [NIHIL]1,9101,27367.9%64.0%2,916
wallet_worrier [NIHIL]1,757061.8%0.0%13,162
Roland_T_Flakfizer [NIHIL]2,051074.5%0.0%1,690
Metalizerr [NIHIL]1,804062.4%0.0%502
Weighted average2,3541060.5%0.5%13,465
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