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Players for clan MUROP (MuroPanssarit) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Ph0eniXX [MUROP]2,860062.0%0.0%16,290
sourrou [MUROP]2,906063.6%0.0%15,932
Ladakuski [MUROP]2,836060.2%0.0%12,505
MitleD [MUROP]2,690062.3%0.0%33,648
pehtoori [MUROP]2,558062.5%0.0%21,523
Rikama [MUROP]2,582058.8%0.0%12,877
Nugget_Coolface [MUROP]2,478058.9%0.0%24,127
LaiskaHauki [MUROP]2,408063.4%0.0%26,715
Dyeathone [MUROP]2,402063.4%0.0%6,957
Clarenzz [MUROP]2,365061.7%0.0%28,157
Paroni [MUROP]2,336059.2%0.0%4,999
motorhead86 [MUROP]2,427062.3%0.0%10,065
gellomies [MUROP]2,172065.1%0.0%8,054
TheMissingMilk [MUROP]2,225057.5%0.0%2,986
Blindmag [MUROP]2,213056.4%0.0%13,656
Charsten [MUROP]2,235057.3%0.0%20,085
Harada [MUROP]2,034054.6%0.0%14,386
olbex [MUROP]2,105059.9%0.0%9,789
TankhunterD [MUROP]2,093054.2%0.0%12,756
Pappi_Helias [MUROP]1,924056.5%0.0%12,873
Luolamies [MUROP]1,84888753.9%49.7%17,962
scirmast [MUROP]1,581057.9%0.0%8,094
cagetastic [MUROP]1,450057.5%0.0%28,990
Skoll87 [MUROP]1,457052.3%0.0%10,152
fJoni [MUROP]1,289052.4%0.0%6,508
Barathe0n [MUROP]1,190055.5%0.0%7,377
Tylytalvi [MUROP]956050.2%0.0%18,122
Weighted average2,1913958.9%2.2%15,021
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