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Players for clan MUPS (Most Underrated Players) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Wrzesien__ [MUPS]3,625062.1%0.0%3,357
RenamedUser_518403388 [MUPS]2,717058.0%0.0%12,963
RuSki05 [MUPS]2,589057.0%0.0%12,608
_AMD_ [MUPS]2,4622,87757.3%52.6%13,797
Bartos_KOzAK [MUPS]2,4763,55956.4%65.7%27,158
mar_cin1 [MUPS]2,3262,89556.8%58.3%39,492
gothic24 [MUPS]2,3022,57855.5%61.7%57,236
CobraGda [MUPS]2,2262,33057.0%55.9%24,982
Eryk0291 [MUPS]2,1043,06854.2%63.9%36,320
Black_Horse_ [MUPS]2,086054.3%0.0%9,541
TryTard_DonyHorny [MUPS]1,9502,88552.9%54.9%45,132
The_Macius [MUPS]1,9242,89854.1%59.1%21,158
ChoNaSolo [MUPS]1,886053.7%0.0%15,861
Pietrek333 [MUPS]1,8922,19553.4%53.1%23,498
InsaneAlek_xD [MUPS]1,917053.5%0.0%46,999
Kumpel_Zaglady [MUPS]1,764053.1%0.0%23,707
A_Czemu_By_Tak_hero [MUPS]1,938057.2%0.0%2,151
rasande [MUPS]4,032068.9%0.0%151
CarbonXD [MUPS]3,440062.8%0.0%172
skubi000 [MUPS]1,5972,13354.7%58.6%25,714
Arturr10 [MUPS]1,502051.2%0.0%16,786
Weighted average2,1001,88754.8%40.4%21,846
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