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Players for clan M-BB (Magyar Békés Brigád) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Zs0LO [M-BB]2,0841,33554.1%45.1%12,201
JANKO_HUN [M-BB]1,695053.5%0.0%55,371
boda44 [M-BB]1,5131,69951.4%54.7%60,258
Berty20 [M-BB]1,4542,32851.0%55.3%35,642
Smisa77 [M-BB]1,428050.6%0.0%22,155
Medicis [M-BB]1,325051.1%0.0%34,622
RS_Gaming [M-BB]1,236051.2%0.0%8,263
WBalint [M-BB]1,210050.3%0.0%28,017
McGexa [M-BB]1,1741,85747.7%55.5%44,257
MAtika2003 [M-BB]1,135048.9%0.0%27,710
danmic_03 [M-BB]1,1081,17749.3%43.5%18,950
fler12cb [M-BB]1,069049.1%0.0%26,995
Tora91 [M-BB]1,0511,40248.1%50.4%64,759
Micsabi [M-BB]1,03595349.1%49.5%45,721
attilaaaa5 [M-BB]1,0351,22448.2%50.1%63,971
Rombolo_338 [M-BB]9802,13347.5%51.9%33,873
talpi99 [M-BB]9681,20148.6%47.2%35,688
Tikitaka1984 [M-BB]9771,13148.6%53.6%37,527
Mc_zsoli [M-BB]965046.7%0.0%24,516
diddy21 [M-BB]9181,27549.2%51.3%12,728
jokitibi [M-BB]93677749.1%47.7%25,965
Tiadlan84 [M-BB]893047.5%0.0%9,480
Shogun73 [M-BB]7211,14846.3%54.5%21,538
Napko [M-BB]58482947.1%48.8%17,584
mAszTourBina [M-BB]590045.4%0.0%14,240
piki59 [M-BB]565046.0%0.0%36,515
patrikattila [M-BB]55268845.4%44.2%40,725
Weighted average1,10490849.0%33.8%31,824
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