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Players for clan LYONS (The LYONS of Sparta - WE PLAY FOR FUN & GLORY!) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
3_KEV [LYONS]2,6712,32957.9%52.3%20,074
YaK_BogDaNN [LYONS]2,5482,80956.9%56.1%8,645
EvilMuff [LYONS]2,3232,26155.8%53.6%4,025
__carline__ [LYONS]2,417056.1%0.0%4,991
_I_HADES_l_ [LYONS]2,304055.5%0.0%59,448
MldGtcRo [LYONS]2,221056.0%0.0%4,890
vyper_12 [LYONS]1,995054.2%0.0%40,297
Papa_Rahan_ [LYONS]2,022054.0%0.0%12,096
godzila99 [LYONS]1,786053.9%0.0%44,669
Narraki [LYONS]1,8982,36753.9%54.7%38,960
ivand73 [LYONS]1,786053.7%0.0%36,619
Ramirez_707 [LYONS]1,8071,57952.4%48.3%44,165
Claud1nh0 [LYONS]1,818052.7%0.0%8,930
emi18 [LYONS]1,6521,87451.3%47.5%22,956
SDT91 [LYONS]1,724054.2%0.0%22,794
porcul_fermecat [LYONS]1,800054.3%0.0%42,926
yudaro [LYONS]1,7261,91552.8%58.6%72,416
KiLLrOy81 [LYONS]1,7241,42952.8%51.5%29,744
Razzor23 [LYONS]1,6401,84252.9%51.7%39,555
Mad_Adi [LYONS]1,658052.0%0.0%18,469
Macheciau26 [LYONS]1,551053.0%0.0%9,942
bughyboy [LYONS]1,6361,84352.0%51.3%49,826
Vendettus [LYONS]1,5882,15151.5%57.9%23,351
DenisLegrand1993 [LYONS]1,513051.8%0.0%46,194
TheMightyLl0n [LYONS]1,4812,04050.7%58.8%52,051
Teach_me_how [LYONS]1,489049.7%0.0%47,949
sHuMyTzA [LYONS]1,492050.0%0.0%26,494
voinicul1976 [LYONS]1,3852,00949.7%54.0%29,824
Raul_c0cKa1nNa [LYONS]1,343050.1%0.0%17,223
IntransigenT [LYONS]1,310050.5%0.0%15,218
Evilu [LYONS]1,350049.3%0.0%33,910
CristiLD [LYONS]1,3571,37951.0%50.5%50,831
bambuchu [LYONS]1,284051.6%0.0%10,922
Chicke_N [LYONS]1,197049.8%0.0%14,740
Weighted average1,70591352.5%25.9%29,563
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