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Players for clan LUZIK (Paczka Luzaków - PL) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Salat3 [LUZIK]2,3443,12355.8%56.3%64,854
Blaszczy [LUZIK]1,295052.0%0.0%5,205
MlodyGawciu [LUZIK]1,280052.9%0.0%10,752
Bartman08 [LUZIK]1,103049.2%0.0%6,967
mehiel1 [LUZIK]1,093049.6%0.0%6,654
Polesiaczar [LUZIK]988050.5%0.0%48,808
miszi07 [LUZIK]1,055049.1%0.0%11,134
mmaos [LUZIK]993049.1%0.0%6,318
Byczekassassin [LUZIK]1,026049.1%0.0%8,137
Grand555 [LUZIK]955050.3%0.0%16,383
aabercrombie [LUZIK]9101,23347.0%47.0%24,274
Animek12345 [LUZIK]898047.6%0.0%8,227
mini013 [LUZIK]882049.4%0.0%27,348
mranglialol [LUZIK]861046.6%0.0%5,435
malin804 [LUZIK]866048.1%0.0%11,285
karowy [LUZIK]824051.6%0.0%2,826
VonSilas [LUZIK]812049.4%0.0%4,973
ospiasty [LUZIK]789048.3%0.0%22,480
momokinuk [LUZIK]747048.4%0.0%9,010
g_karol_g [LUZIK]68566647.5%46.3%10,624
koders [LUZIK]69592948.8%49.7%44,523
shinobi85PL [LUZIK]697048.7%0.0%7,823
hubcio_AW [LUZIK]703048.9%0.0%12,465
joas22 [LUZIK]596048.1%0.0%7,309
citek [LUZIK]608046.8%0.0%17,792
ankema60 [LUZIK]473046.7%0.0%7,735
creeper4553 [LUZIK]428047.6%0.0%9,490
adi_75 [LUZIK]364047.4%0.0%3,912
mikusiak123 [LUZIK]381047.0%0.0%9,213
RubixPL91 [LUZIK]293046.4%0.0%1,632
mez2008 [LUZIK]280046.9%0.0%5,150
wiluadam [LUZIK]28433445.8%45.1%9,859
asieraplus [LUZIK]301044.9%0.0%8,608
Ignacy10 [LUZIK]286044.7%0.0%5,485
Weighted average1,00761449.6%17.2%13,608
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