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Players for clan LRP (Les Requins du Pacifique) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Keroman [LRP]1,9461,54359.4%59.4%72,153
fmoser [LRP]1,5291,76351.8%55.2%17,450
ploufmaster [LRP]1,425052.5%0.0%15,575
D4MD4M [LRP]1,3251,76451.6%50.6%41,780
Westdg [LRP]1,2371,12549.3%55.1%19,073
commandantLRP [LRP]1,167053.8%0.0%4,035
Swos [LRP]1,2561,41651.2%53.6%61,459
Buche_de_Nawel [LRP]1,1351,22851.0%47.2%21,420
Aboiroujtulchien [LRP]1,0521,18050.8%52.9%31,560
tony13110 [LRP]1,0061,57648.9%53.7%42,611
Brunel42 [LRP]922049.3%0.0%15,545
Shuriken47 [LRP]9761,01649.0%51.6%33,017
tibas62 [LRP]8901,10950.0%51.7%35,280
darktiger2 [LRP]861049.7%0.0%15,006
squid2804 [LRP]7271,02951.2%53.5%15,120
CneNemo [LRP]78642048.0%38.9%12,289
jeffpbma [LRP]66392746.1%52.8%26,860
hansouil [LRP]65556748.0%43.6%11,048
alex3156 [LRP]627048.5%0.0%10,239
juteuxchef17 [LRP]629046.4%0.0%29,422
Mich2604 [LRP]44546845.9%45.2%24,530
bjm94 [LRP]36043644.9%47.7%55,936
max0407 [LRP]250040.0%0.0%7,023
meringi066 [LRP]18437644.2%42.4%1,994
00cloe00 [LRP]59045.3%0.0%1,928
Weighted average1,03799050.2%43.8%24,894
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