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Players for clan LMAGS (Lead Magnets) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
SRBIJA_Erwin_Rommel [LMAGS]1,9811,85056.1%53.7%27,836
TroyanPandaXD [LMAGS]1,7751,45556.4%61.0%15,090
Blueberry_Dino [LMAGS]1,623053.4%0.0%21,611
Tank_Destroyer_TS [LMAGS]1,475053.8%0.0%15,151
Frede_2110 [LMAGS]1,506052.1%0.0%12,344
Marko_KV2 [LMAGS]1,4582,09552.5%53.7%27,290
TankTheTomasEngine [LMAGS]1,4681,76351.8%56.9%17,789
splort [LMAGS]1,458050.8%0.0%3,586
GoldenBlade [LMAGS]1,430055.5%0.0%2,370
Sven_H [LMAGS]1,410051.1%0.0%34,965
Sidesnipe [LMAGS]1,4511,23351.5%52.5%43,247
augrifma [LMAGS]1,349056.0%0.0%855
Fuctifino_1 [LMAGS]1,3191,26954.1%54.0%58,137
Pefryk [LMAGS]1,2461,18551.3%47.6%16,816
CooperLtd [LMAGS]1,192051.7%0.0%11,869
MeJedi [LMAGS]1,053049.6%0.0%8,750
Hedge_s [LMAGS]1,152050.4%0.0%26,821
TheHellTransporter [LMAGS]1,021049.0%0.0%20,005
kavkav9876 [LMAGS]1,006049.4%0.0%5,568
iugrifma [LMAGS]9821,19849.5%49.5%36,830
andumc [LMAGS]880049.4%0.0%13,490
Jynx9 [LMAGS]825047.6%0.0%6,830
HonkForJesus [LMAGS]812049.9%0.0%6,815
Zelrac [LMAGS]754048.4%0.0%11,443
Weighted average1,32879351.9%29.0%18,562
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