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Players for clan LEOFL (Cor Leontis Frontline Division) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Barbetarn [LEOFL]2,567059.6%0.0%17,968
MathisI [LEOFL]2,618057.4%0.0%4,275
Xoltos [LEOFL]2,156061.2%0.0%22,147
Eniac81 [LEOFL]2,398056.8%0.0%52,258
RevengeC [LEOFL]2,218055.4%0.0%19,053
BusterD75 [LEOFL]2,2112,01956.0%53.9%34,971
Amech [LEOFL]2,0681,36354.2%50.1%17,657
Smartii [LEOFL]1,855055.6%0.0%13,011
unimpossible [LEOFL]1,966056.5%0.0%23,245
Nekrodamus [LEOFL]1,919054.3%0.0%48,506
WebsterMz [LEOFL]1,684056.2%0.0%8,013
LumieI [LEOFL]1,755055.3%0.0%15,277
SuP3rN00b [LEOFL]1,744052.7%0.0%22,090
Hedwig_Klawuttke [LEOFL]1,780053.1%0.0%25,557
Wave0r [LEOFL]1,611055.0%0.0%19,217
Loki_3_2_1_Jugger [LEOFL]1,578054.6%0.0%13,695
wild_eyes [LEOFL]1,447057.1%0.0%18,716
Eismarder [LEOFL]1,535052.6%0.0%20,912
Weltraumcowboy [LEOFL]1,483052.5%0.0%19,161
Housed0g [LEOFL]1,583051.4%0.0%39,069
arcticshower [LEOFL]1,455052.0%0.0%12,342
LeoLoeffel [LEOFL]9590100.0%0.0%1
Weighted average1,89319855.0%5.8%20,820
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