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Players for clan LD_W (les déjentés de wot) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Reported_For_Skill_ [LD_W]3,326060.2%0.0%51,045
_Im_Not_A_Noob_ [LD_W]2,413057.3%0.0%33,851
My_Name_Is_Bobby [LD_W]2,1333,08955.0%60.5%18,579
crisalyx13 [LD_W]2,145055.5%0.0%25,548
Messoria [LD_W]1,7691,98954.1%49.6%27,083
FatKiche [LD_W]1,717055.0%0.0%41,179
nadroom [LD_W]1,6521,77253.1%53.3%79,624
Raclette_man [LD_W]1,3872,09652.8%57.6%15,237
aym3r1c [LD_W]1,2541,28051.3%54.8%41,563
Alatrun [LD_W]1,2911,19151.9%44.4%37,851
Euphorus [LD_W]1,184048.4%0.0%13,850
discorde [LD_W]1,137049.8%0.0%24,278
astrillax [LD_W]1,114049.7%0.0%33,223
webfantome [LD_W]1,0861,21649.0%51.5%66,322
pecorabane [LD_W]9881,68048.4%52.3%25,768
Nagablues [LD_W]986048.7%0.0%21,687
Keirn44 [LD_W]83975448.6%50.7%27,097
Weighted average1,61290352.6%30.3%34,340
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