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Players for clan LBG (Long Barrelled Gentlemen) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Alejando [LBG]2,720057.6%0.0%18,527
BMarius06 [LBG]2,1801,80055.2%52.6%34,430
pitbullcipri [LBG]2,0991,77353.5%51.6%91,927
Balasai [LBG]1,933055.4%0.0%10,103
Itchyeye [LBG]1,9041,64354.1%52.6%117,117
raeD [LBG]1,699052.2%0.0%14,738
Leonark [LBG]1,657053.7%0.0%5,973
Bughole [LBG]1,576050.7%0.0%8,028
___AreS___ [LBG]1,535053.1%0.0%41,970
CountVonBoom [LBG]1,548053.9%0.0%72,264
Lax [LBG]1,448051.8%0.0%17,281
Jelmer2712 [LBG]1,254051.2%0.0%9,396
Hoche [LBG]1,357051.7%0.0%9,410
Cidtheslayer [LBG]1,302051.1%0.0%4,283
Corbit [LBG]1,3861,25251.1%52.6%54,185
Tinny_Tim [LBG]1,303051.3%0.0%11,456
ukace [LBG]1,250049.6%0.0%3,974
zarazqa [LBG]1,308052.4%0.0%26,921
CzechLion [LBG]1,289050.4%0.0%16,529
thomas9084 [LBG]1,253048.9%0.0%40,270
Hummbee [LBG]1,123047.8%0.0%28,974
xolox [LBG]1,00485048.7%43.3%24,367
bijuvio [LBG]982048.1%0.0%21,738
Ignaz_Wrobel [LBG]821049.4%0.0%4,256
Paultje68 [LBG]841049.1%0.0%13,408
STITCH1980 [LBG]797049.3%0.0%5,096
Ashanix [LBG]800048.8%0.0%4,674
Drkreaven [LBG]764050.4%0.0%2,634
deanoqwert [LBG]78358348.8%46.7%18,173
warhead30 [LBG]759047.5%0.0%1,798
Honky0815 [LBG]71278647.7%45.5%17,284
hallonee [LBG]655046.6%0.0%26,900
Mark2003 [LBG]561045.4%0.0%6,887
halloja [LBG]335045.2%0.0%2,791
Weighted average1,51767351.8%23.2%23,169
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