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Players for clan L-V-B (Leipziger Verkehrsbetrieb) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
LokiLe84 [L-V-B]2,317056.2%0.0%45,870
Turop [L-V-B]2,1551,50054.2%49.7%11,264
nesur82 [L-V-B]1,890053.6%0.0%24,557
Nanaboso [L-V-B]1,825054.9%0.0%7,606
din3x [L-V-B]1,673054.5%0.0%6,414
ChampL99 [L-V-B]1,692052.8%0.0%15,875
Roderick_C [L-V-B]1,701052.3%0.0%11,514
Brohm [L-V-B]1,595052.5%0.0%4,209
PrinzEisenEier [L-V-B]1,6401,49354.0%51.6%35,497
Panzerknacker150 [L-V-B]1,495051.8%0.0%14,218
Fadenfisch [L-V-B]1,4931,92554.4%60.5%17,082
Hamburin [L-V-B]1,535051.8%0.0%26,172
Norrett45 [L-V-B]1,470050.5%0.0%6,601
sorbat [L-V-B]1,466051.5%0.0%10,537
Spawnk1ller [L-V-B]1,479050.5%0.0%20,664
_Hart_wie_Kruppstahl_ [L-V-B]1,472050.8%0.0%9,503
terrorax [L-V-B]1,421052.1%0.0%8,553
KingKilek [L-V-B]1,4451,29252.6%50.9%12,827
ShawnX [L-V-B]1,423052.0%0.0%15,651
aeinspanier [L-V-B]1,373051.5%0.0%21,574
Abo81 [L-V-B]1,337051.1%0.0%21,564
l3utterkeks [L-V-B]1,3471,02350.3%51.5%17,191
Merkades [L-V-B]1,299051.8%0.0%17,577
DerSachse73 [L-V-B]1,306048.3%0.0%56,986
Shingomera [L-V-B]1,221053.2%0.0%25,162
Wowogo [L-V-B]1,226050.3%0.0%22,760
DarkAsmo [L-V-B]1,201049.5%0.0%44,587
Pannpan [L-V-B]1,144049.9%0.0%10,202
_Let_s_Play_ [L-V-B]1,0841,35747.9%50.5%24,064
Oberst_Kettel_von_Bell [L-V-B]1,025050.2%0.0%16,248
CommanderSP [L-V-B]1,020051.0%0.0%9,910
Lord_Helmchen007 [L-V-B]994047.3%0.0%7,217
Weighted average1,47628351.6%10.3%18,739
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