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Players for clan KRZAK (Kompania Rodaków Zajętych Aktualnie Kampieniem) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
pijany_pawian [KRZAK]2,9352,38759.6%56.3%18,885
Bezimienny__ [KRZAK]2,621061.4%0.0%26,716
Woyti93 [KRZAK]2,346064.1%0.0%40,277
MissKay [KRZAK]2,368061.1%0.0%11,789
CioQ_PL [KRZAK]2,2132,25256.5%58.6%16,483
MakIevore [KRZAK]2,211057.8%0.0%25,447
SobaNPL [KRZAK]2,3271,97255.4%52.3%37,162
iven [KRZAK]2,1361,81655.3%53.0%33,322
Hudy_Chumanista [KRZAK]2,012054.5%0.0%23,356
Buja95 [KRZAK]1,9912,23853.7%55.1%12,197
Dejwid100 [KRZAK]1,859053.7%0.0%26,004
WISNIAKB_PL [KRZAK]1,861053.9%0.0%24,796
Limeax [KRZAK]1,863053.7%0.0%20,072
Longero97 [KRZAK]1,802053.8%0.0%20,656
kertoip38 [KRZAK]1,7811,54960.3%55.3%37,931
voudek [KRZAK]1,596053.5%0.0%19,192
Jakub333 [KRZAK]1,5591,43553.4%54.3%41,815
Wojtas19966 [KRZAK]1,531051.4%0.0%19,140
mm8165 [KRZAK]1,5353,16651.9%61.6%52,527
THE_BJUTIFUL_DESTROYER [KRZAK]1,333051.8%0.0%2,013
maniek232 [KRZAK]1,215050.1%0.0%53,560
Corse7 [KRZAK]1,089049.4%0.0%7,908
RozpruwaczPL2 [KRZAK]902049.0%0.0%9,978
Weighted average1,88490655.3%24.0%24,300
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