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Players for clan KPY (Karjalan Panssari Yksikkö) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
GamerOmix [KPY]1,720054.6%0.0%19,402
Melkkis [KPY]1,618052.3%0.0%16,358
schipperke_ [KPY]1,989060.5%0.0%10,779
Kippari4 [KPY]1,382052.6%0.0%16,898
PORMESTARI_edge [KPY]1,336052.0%0.0%9,907
Tauski69 [KPY]1,2631,16350.7%53.3%19,066
popi000 [KPY]1,159049.9%0.0%13,594
Volcomi93 [KPY]1,106049.0%0.0%11,427
FinPetsku [KPY]1,166050.0%0.0%19,358
pensseli22 [KPY]1,115052.4%0.0%28,195
LeeviTheMlgPro [KPY]1,068050.5%0.0%910
ekoankka [KPY]1,038049.4%0.0%40,345
Hardporari [KPY]946050.1%0.0%4,277
KolmenKonstinTimpermanni [KPY]9411,19248.3%52.7%33,513
FildFinn [KPY]859048.4%0.0%20,360
Massagre [KPY]797049.9%0.0%20,087
kivanen [KPY]780045.7%0.0%26,300
Houp82 [KPY]75955248.9%48.9%12,182
p_w77 [KPY]670047.0%0.0%7,933
Juhana72 [KPY]647046.7%0.0%3,839
Zulem [KPY]578047.9%0.0%5,095
ArktinenOrava [KPY]581048.3%0.0%5,348
Jake_Commander [KPY]59799647.1%49.8%5,155
sotka61 [KPY]562047.1%0.0%14,097
bena32 [KPY]542046.4%0.0%18,701
joon7an [KPY]524047.5%0.0%4,601
butroosi [KPY]525047.3%0.0%12,974
Weighted average1,02418549.8%9.1%14,840
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