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Players for clan JFG (Jungs fürs Grobe) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Alien1982 [JFG]1,744051.5%0.0%39,696
skover28 [JFG]1,655050.7%0.0%48,889
MajorTom551 [JFG]1,4443,04551.2%56.2%10,197
Barracuda551 [JFG]1,5171,74252.9%52.1%35,664
DrMetWurst77 [JFG]1,532053.1%0.0%84,384
DocBull [JFG]1,492050.6%0.0%25,289
Barthman [JFG]1,4541,76052.3%52.2%29,000
Spreewaldbitter [JFG]1,4961,43452.1%51.8%63,460
Spacemarine111 [JFG]1,3681,49250.5%49.1%26,233
xXxOttixXx [JFG]1,371049.9%0.0%34,159
voegeln [JFG]1,276050.1%0.0%12,965
Freki28 [JFG]1,344047.8%0.0%55,388
SpaceInvaders66 [JFG]1,232051.0%0.0%24,034
19silver80 [JFG]1,2511,38148.3%52.2%60,358
Roxolus [JFG]1,1651,29649.1%48.8%66,951
Effido [JFG]1,161049.2%0.0%33,056
SchlammiBM [JFG]1,124049.5%0.0%9,091
kleechen82 [JFG]1,127047.6%0.0%16,105
breakbo [JFG]1,119050.3%0.0%41,556
klein_idefix [JFG]1,085049.5%0.0%29,866
yabbawocky [JFG]970048.8%0.0%58,547
Der_Oberbayer [JFG]974047.9%0.0%26,397
DjF [JFG]98489947.6%47.1%53,089
Rhaliv [JFG]951048.4%0.0%7,056
scampi77 [JFG]924047.5%0.0%27,062
moni2412 [JFG]885048.3%0.0%32,835
charly190963 [JFG]8251,14346.6%47.6%25,864
Weighted average1,27153449.9%19.1%36,192
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