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Players for clan IREAL (An inefficient virus kills its host. A clever virus stays with it!) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Eternity_95 [IREAL]2,0993,03355.0%59.7%37,512
cabaliviu [IREAL]2,2072,41554.6%56.8%102,057
procop06 [IREAL]2,0411,90256.4%52.3%23,204
Choombee [IREAL]2,0742,01355.1%59.0%22,017
Anarchy1984 [IREAL]2,0391,69954.2%56.7%11,590
GroparuVeselu [IREAL]2,032055.8%0.0%47,080
Its_Just_A_Prank_Bro_ [IREAL]1,899056.5%0.0%16,556
Cosmin910 [IREAL]1,949054.0%0.0%26,565
D3ath4U [IREAL]2,019054.1%0.0%26,581
dododanut [IREAL]1,7352,36352.0%55.7%53,863
NoFear_Blindate [IREAL]1,849054.2%0.0%8,899
micro111 [IREAL]1,743054.5%0.0%35,283
caspiy [IREAL]1,691052.6%0.0%43,355
____________________DANI [IREAL]1,5942,61251.5%55.1%35,203
HUMMER78 [IREAL]1,691052.8%0.0%45,465
Claudiu_EDS [IREAL]1,6271,54452.6%51.6%45,019
LeGujan [IREAL]1,569051.4%0.0%23,201
2stArt [IREAL]1,569052.5%0.0%31,216
Adrenalline [IREAL]1,533051.5%0.0%31,589
Pok99 [IREAL]1,521051.0%0.0%22,698
ANDRYX [IREAL]1,504050.2%0.0%23,892
Robert_Draghici [IREAL]1,403051.3%0.0%13,296
_JagerMaster_ [IREAL]1,414050.1%0.0%42,999
Keloo [IREAL]1,451051.2%0.0%37,117
huskarel [IREAL]1,491050.3%0.0%29,310
costy_85 [IREAL]1,3311,35450.0%48.5%51,567
sacredscythe [IREAL]1,307050.7%0.0%5,130
Splitter1990 [IREAL]1,245049.8%0.0%20,901
_BARBARU_ [IREAL]1,3361,84550.2%54.3%50,349
khaluu [IREAL]1,328048.7%0.0%54,965
mbody [IREAL]1,2421,59850.9%49.9%32,761
Chitanul [IREAL]1,163049.0%0.0%30,771
alex_iosif_5 [IREAL]1,131048.9%0.0%11,882
Weighted average1,66188952.3%23.2%33,148
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