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Players for clan INTAS (INTOUCHABLES) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
L3X1ON [INTAS]2,239056.7%0.0%38,928
AireCZE [INTAS]2,3102,47156.0%56.8%40,426
Joony23 [INTAS]2,154055.1%0.0%40,255
vasajirka [INTAS]2,0412,61754.2%58.3%53,149
3ulli [INTAS]2,049054.2%0.0%38,359
blokar [INTAS]2,015055.2%0.0%28,902
Jikke [INTAS]1,987055.8%0.0%21,074
pepinoska [INTAS]1,937054.9%0.0%43,323
Mathiol [INTAS]1,984055.2%0.0%29,803
Vossenisimo [INTAS]1,840053.0%0.0%21,080
Duchacek99 [INTAS]1,960055.3%0.0%36,435
Syndrom85 [INTAS]1,929054.2%0.0%42,231
I30HUIVIIL [INTAS]1,888054.8%0.0%41,183
RevoltaCz [INTAS]1,8641,92155.3%50.7%27,955
HelmutOpravarKominu [INTAS]1,751052.8%0.0%46,289
IronHeartCZ [INTAS]1,622052.9%0.0%29,253
penguin6 [INTAS]1,6512,10253.0%53.2%26,149
vejry282 [INTAS]1,647052.7%0.0%35,979
Mutislav [INTAS]1,6301,66551.4%48.7%47,005
MIRO__SK [INTAS]1,6261,23151.2%54.6%74,487
davidvass [INTAS]1,561051.8%0.0%19,170
Humala [INTAS]1,4401,56252.7%51.4%26,982
kjuboun [INTAS]1,411050.8%0.0%38,729
Hajdamor [INTAS]1,4751,72650.4%51.8%47,441
Intas_Velitel [INTAS]21,4150100.0%0.0%1
jiritankista [INTAS]1,3371,14750.2%50.0%26,082
Kece [INTAS]1,365052.0%0.0%39,428
vvvaaa [INTAS]1,312051.5%0.0%50,031
Weighted average1,77564853.3%19.0%35,763
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