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Players for clan H_EZR (Hessler Ezred) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
HungarianSkill [H_EZR]2,7933,17957.8%58.7%26,985
JjJox [H_EZR]2,341056.2%0.0%12,250
Private_Norby [H_EZR]2,4281,19556.8%49.2%45,593
Lakat1199 [H_EZR]2,1372,70454.8%59.7%39,362
DepiGyepi [H_EZR]2,1212,28856.6%50.7%25,565
ScreamingMonkey [H_EZR]2,206056.8%0.0%4,056
fekabarna [H_EZR]2,044054.9%0.0%26,456
Setet_Patkany [H_EZR]1,884056.7%0.0%40,976
Homunkulusz [H_EZR]1,853054.4%0.0%15,907
Piritos_Hu [H_EZR]1,694057.3%0.0%3,648
Martin_Hessler_ezr [H_EZR]1,952056.1%0.0%27,397
LupusKing [H_EZR]1,742053.3%0.0%7,826
bfg1989 [H_EZR]1,6151,17153.3%46.0%26,547
Titanosz [H_EZR]1,6271,57952.8%44.6%39,114
ChiLaci [H_EZR]1,421051.6%0.0%1,786
csaszter [H_EZR]1,4251,12552.5%50.3%26,160
ChiTsuki [H_EZR]1,416051.6%0.0%13,356
Scoofield [H_EZR]1,388052.2%0.0%13,618
csabba [H_EZR]1,4021,00251.9%46.1%33,923
Daevid_ [H_EZR]1,323052.0%0.0%18,066
hullajelolt [H_EZR]1,298051.2%0.0%28,168
AssassinHU [H_EZR]1,268049.9%0.0%21,270
OXBeniHUN [H_EZR]1,3011,07050.7%47.3%16,435
edem101 [H_EZR]1,240051.0%0.0%10,774
vasilias [H_EZR]1,007048.9%0.0%29,833
tolgyfa [H_EZR]956049.3%0.0%27,803
Lord_Gabben [H_EZR]779047.7%0.0%16,804
Weighted average1,70079953.4%23.5%22,210
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