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Players for clan HMC (Heavy Metal Corps) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
DJPremierek [HMC]1,906054.3%0.0%8,490
MaverickSA [HMC]1,9412,46254.9%56.5%52,848
kocebol [HMC]1,885055.7%0.0%37,614
listonosz71 [HMC]2,092056.9%0.0%69,658
Mikiusz [HMC]1,550052.8%0.0%7,150
Przemast [HMC]1,507052.0%0.0%27,442
Daroo [HMC]1,3841,67749.4%46.3%24,856
ArcziN [HMC]1,4211,12252.8%52.5%15,800
MrJohnny1992 [HMC]1,338050.5%0.0%11,645
Michal747 [HMC]1,2581,68750.4%53.6%59,473
JJarOO [HMC]1,2181,81650.2%54.5%83,339
texas23 [HMC]1,133050.4%0.0%18,855
Breslau84wro [HMC]1,143052.1%0.0%4,497
rusty_tin [HMC]1,091050.2%0.0%7,588
DevilofRebellion [HMC]1,1161,23351.7%53.9%22,856
kalasznikow007 [HMC]1,055048.1%0.0%15,647
maxymal [HMC]1,1081,70449.6%49.4%83,172
hanka05 [HMC]1,045050.5%0.0%17,343
bartkiller [HMC]1,038049.4%0.0%33,764
Djabol [HMC]997051.1%0.0%25,360
Vietinghoff [HMC]983048.9%0.0%9,329
Tomirek1973 [HMC]88986347.9%47.2%54,219
Zygfryd5 [HMC]870048.6%0.0%36,626
Gadocha81 [HMC]826048.5%0.0%14,295
wolina [HMC]763047.2%0.0%77,970
_M_A_R_V_E_L_ [HMC]665045.1%0.0%63,394
DupalosKopalos [HMC]529046.1%0.0%14,741
Scibor4 [HMC]519046.7%0.0%21,286
Weighted average1,20371650.3%22.4%32,830
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