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Players for clan HGB (Hungarian Garage Band) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
GalTankCompany [HGB]2,212055.5%0.0%14,023
doktorur21 [HGB]1,956053.3%0.0%79,293
vastic11 [HGB]1,737053.0%0.0%44,885
mocsifaga [HGB]1,4882,61450.5%52.9%24,066
Morgilfin [HGB]1,485052.4%0.0%27,199
Pettyes [HGB]1,5021,23550.4%45.0%27,655
RenjiTio [HGB]1,4672,05351.6%53.9%36,762
Loach [HGB]1,303051.8%0.0%18,789
Nazgul000 [HGB]1,221050.0%0.0%29,148
bull07 [HGB]1,2451,47450.7%51.3%39,140
szemadi [HGB]1,2401,22650.8%49.7%27,490
sankomanko [HGB]1,1711,24249.1%46.8%41,311
tomi666555 [HGB]1,180050.0%0.0%14,720
KingPro13 [HGB]1,162050.4%0.0%16,803
Dextxer [HGB]1,160047.8%0.0%29,392
starjozsi [HGB]1,13191248.0%49.7%45,118
ZzEzredes [HGB]1,103047.7%0.0%35,904
halasz1218 [HGB]1,016047.0%0.0%27,070
jokee [HGB]1,006047.8%0.0%21,058
1kamilla1 [HGB]990047.8%0.0%22,856
Maci15 [HGB]1,003049.5%0.0%10,313
LARON06 [HGB]930049.8%0.0%7,191
Tankcser [HGB]8151,16350.4%46.9%3,509
fecskes [HGB]850048.3%0.0%27,725
iroman1000 [HGB]807047.8%0.0%14,422
Enrange [HGB]760047.0%0.0%8,143
odacsapvarte [HGB]6921,22247.7%55.3%38,113
Weighted average1,29455650.1%19.6%27,114
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