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Players for clan HESH_ (Why you HESH to be mad?!) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Pinda_ZaseLowRoll [HESH_]2,4794,40155.4%64.0%46,676
elektrix [HESH_]2,4813,22659.0%59.7%54,959
Fanatik_CZ [HESH_]2,428056.5%0.0%50,482
nutritiveelm [HESH_]2,3163,44257.0%63.0%33,227
rebelghost [HESH_]2,170054.6%0.0%46,977
vasekfbs [HESH_]2,059055.3%0.0%25,868
Ep_ZaseHightRoll [HESH_]1,9903,07154.6%63.9%32,687
Dodo_Kuchar [HESH_]1,978054.2%0.0%19,497
____SPEED____ [HESH_]2,0912,28354.6%57.9%52,809
slowking [HESH_]1,928054.7%0.0%25,814
Mrakaar [HESH_]1,894053.0%0.0%26,998
I_AM__BOT [HESH_]1,7934,25552.3%64.9%26,067
Parzival_D [HESH_]1,850052.5%0.0%24,233
Raddish_ [HESH_]1,802053.6%0.0%15,855
unlckrrrrr [HESH_]1,8103,43852.8%59.4%43,109
Smiling_Albert [HESH_]1,752053.0%0.0%20,062
Lord_CheveZ [HESH_]1,774052.5%0.0%15,363
Kolacek4 [HESH_]1,742053.2%0.0%25,590
smych [HESH_]1,7442,26253.4%58.9%22,622
Velocigrupa [HESH_]1,665051.4%0.0%24,803
Lord_Fcela [HESH_]1,4531,93051.2%57.3%19,167
KLOKAN_da_USELESS_Again [HESH_]1,5202,61952.6%55.3%37,910
kalupe [HESH_]1,4783,48952.1%62.0%31,241
__FANY__ [HESH_]1,293050.7%0.0%20,817
Weighted average1,9741,71454.2%32.6%30,951
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