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Players for clan HEATA (_HEAT Academy) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
john_cena77 [HEATA]2,554057.1%0.0%11,160
Zemic44 [HEATA]2,697058.7%0.0%49,846
DonPablo_Escobar [HEATA]2,701059.3%0.0%38,545
ChessRulez [HEATA]2,3842,39959.6%61.6%32,188
Shady811 [HEATA]2,3912,32859.3%61.1%52,064
megyo1 [HEATA]2,4112,02256.9%57.3%76,827
bibendum77 [HEATA]2,510058.0%0.0%24,331
Maxximus23 [HEATA]2,2132,20156.3%58.9%35,640
sniper_noSKill_xD [HEATA]1,804053.4%0.0%28,099
_Atollina_ [HEATA]1,895053.2%0.0%32,354
_ZATARA_ [HEATA]1,6102,06751.1%50.9%35,546
Wehrmacht_SVK [HEATA]1,5911,49351.2%54.1%15,053
THCore [HEATA]1,555052.2%0.0%32,380
DonJd3fk [HEATA]1,412050.9%0.0%48,851
Garrus013 [HEATA]1,3681,58653.0%55.0%19,356
DavidKmeto [HEATA]1,3671,75149.6%51.3%11,908
Yenik [HEATA]1,3651,57450.4%53.6%31,039
rastox [HEATA]1,3491,30850.9%50.3%39,215
FFATALL [HEATA]1,2652,65751.0%58.7%10,341
Gilth [HEATA]1,2891,38949.1%52.4%12,373
Sedlowon [HEATA]1,238050.8%0.0%30,075
Cpt_NexXxY [HEATA]1,1721,92749.1%50.9%8,166
Call_Me_Filo [HEATA]1,131049.0%0.0%19,499
Bodie72 [HEATA]1,0381,14848.7%50.6%26,076
Khal_Chose_CZ [HEATA]1,019049.9%0.0%14,675
Daemon_Whiteflame [HEATA]9831,06347.4%45.3%21,772
DonSalierys [CPJ]967048.3%0.0%7,607
Weighted average1,8471,03753.9%30.8%28,332
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