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Players for clan H3LP (Brothers In Armless) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
MeGoCritter [H3LP]1,810054.5%0.0%4,293
igorzg_cro [H3LP]1,8283,14352.6%59.2%17,595
_Road_RunneR___ [H3LP]1,5481,73851.5%55.9%20,300
smeagol64 [H3LP]1,4581,91351.2%51.2%9,386
QuantumCrazy_ [H3LP]1,372051.5%0.0%6,316
phaedrus59 [H3LP]1,4091,37752.9%53.7%41,577
222alex22 [H3LP]1,1911,46750.4%56.7%22,719
Buglez [H3LP]1,2521,70850.3%54.7%15,928
Hanawes [H3LP]1,1451,45250.8%49.9%2,935
MasterBen10 [H3LP]1,1132,11549.0%51.0%12,591
Red_Komrade [H3LP]1,0591,43549.1%51.7%10,006
Dark_Xiphles [H3LP]1,0721,31750.3%52.8%14,044
seyebensch [H3LP]942049.2%0.0%1,278
MrCMBurns [H3LP]9301,35649.7%50.5%4,168
siebe44 [H3LP]959050.1%0.0%7,299
smeagol1999 [H3LP]861051.2%0.0%123
Kexloger [H3LP]8801,35047.8%50.4%17,222
TeaDrinkingSumBish [H3LP]87379147.6%42.0%729
firstshotsniper [H3LP]769049.2%0.0%16,206
wolfsteel614 [H3LP]690048.2%0.0%2,715
RexBot709 [H3LP]52971046.2%46.5%6,810
Weighted average1,2311,38550.6%44.9%11,154
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