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Players for clan G_G_H (German Grey Hounds) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Bobitobi [G_G_H]1,6731,80552.7%50.9%82,970
_Tom___ [G_G_H]1,666052.8%0.0%13,500
estutnichtweh [G_G_H]1,550056.2%0.0%2,383
Fu_Man_Shu [G_G_H]1,6451,26253.1%52.9%34,023
Lorimaar_HI_Braith [G_G_H]1,450052.0%0.0%31,612
Sauerlandwalker [G_G_H]1,473051.4%0.0%30,012
Salaino [G_G_H]1,4311,24951.4%48.6%50,002
Greylord [G_G_H]1,372052.8%0.0%25,360
Relas [G_G_H]1,387051.7%0.0%5,489
bcd4 [G_G_H]1,3491,09751.9%48.7%26,357
Don_EL_Kusa [G_G_H]1,386051.6%0.0%28,931
Pitti_0815 [G_G_H]1,324050.5%0.0%19,440
rumburak_rabenklaue [G_G_H]1,292053.3%0.0%10,946
McFast [G_G_H]1,260052.9%0.0%13,165
1erSagittarius [G_G_H]1,358050.8%0.0%53,793
N9C11 [G_G_H]1,269052.3%0.0%28,976
Ersatzrad [G_G_H]1,22769751.6%51.4%21,231
Ruprecht_The_Monkey_Boy [G_G_H]1,279054.6%0.0%227
Berthild [G_G_H]1,25298450.3%46.3%33,315
mindless [G_G_H]1,035051.0%0.0%19,845
Reike99 [G_G_H]971049.5%0.0%75,647
Black_Rattlesnake [G_G_H]833056.0%0.0%150
casiuhl [G_G_H]885048.5%0.0%17,301
AquilaEye [G_G_H]852048.1%0.0%19,170
Riker1971 [G_G_H]836048.0%0.0%9,073
Sorrelcat [G_G_H]793049.0%0.0%5,799
Schnuckelschnute [G_G_H]575045.2%0.0%6,248
Weighted average1,31849951.2%18.6%24,628
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