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Players for clan GX (Next Level Of Gaming) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
GG_Go_Next_xD [GX]5,8626,13368.1%68.3%1,809
_KillMeAgain [GX]3,3993,97459.2%62.8%6,110
MofaKlaus_ [GX]3,690061.5%0.0%20,711
majorAgge [GX]3,115058.3%0.0%22,681
PARME_NION [GX]3,331059.5%0.0%2,701
LapY_xD [GX]3,1022,64159.6%55.3%2,629
Hurrat [GX]3,2232,82160.8%59.9%3,673
just_Kubenco [GX]3,1543,26958.9%62.2%11,905
Zinkmangel [GX]3,2463,11060.2%61.6%45,442
__maiky [GX]2,8803,88756.8%63.4%26,313
Mistabys [GX]2,854058.4%0.0%17,440
_NassesHandtuch_ [GX]3,0273,25060.3%65.1%15,512
alienslive [GX]2,9374,71658.0%65.8%108,067
Wiliam_Black [GX]2,7692,94960.3%65.6%22,641
Since1900Ultra [GX]2,652058.4%0.0%27,213
_V_T0MA [PXA]2,594057.2%0.0%34,472
Sardi9 [GX]2,7073,09057.2%60.6%111,509
elbarto2727 [GX]2,4133,81656.0%64.2%23,930
ziippe [GX]2,2993,87955.5%55.7%30,744
Crusader2k13 [GX]2,3513,02356.5%60.5%38,988
T1GER_STYLE [GX]2,3062,32956.8%58.3%36,701
stevisa79 [GX]2,1542,58055.1%58.4%18,680
Darmil69 [GX]2,1432,98756.4%64.0%20,218
demon_tank [GX]2,2212,65056.2%53.5%28,346
rektusdecimus [GX]2,067053.4%0.0%9,226
bajzi87 [GX]2,1343,22155.3%64.4%33,879
Toma_Cruz [GX]2,0992,02457.6%59.3%52,625
Osnivac [GX]1,993054.3%0.0%37,641
CloseY0urEye [FEAR]1,8022,36754.0%53.0%52,546
Weighted average2,5812,59657.2%48.8%29,805
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