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Players for clan GSW (German Steelwarriors) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Kilgour [GSW]2,135055.2%0.0%9,745
Muendungsfeuer [GSW]1,752053.8%0.0%32,989
Tallarian [GSW]1,616052.5%0.0%14,355
Humie [GSW]1,613052.2%0.0%37,615
WestCoastChicken [GSW]1,409053.1%0.0%4,209
Don_Henning [GSW]1,4611,18650.8%49.4%57,809
Det_Hot [GSW]1,4251,58551.8%55.7%28,655
catmann [GSW]1,390053.1%0.0%42,582
Dognose_VII [GSW]1,355052.9%0.0%10,559
Aphrodite79 [GSW]1,355047.1%0.0%4,704
jesssn20 [GSW]1,279052.1%0.0%6,836
76er [GSW]1,383047.7%0.0%16,788
Hooripoopy13 [GSW]1,129048.7%0.0%6,229
kaktus_GER [GSW]1,112053.8%0.0%10,956
alexmkvi [GSW]1,107050.8%0.0%9,178
GEFSteiner [GSW]1,138048.0%0.0%10,922
CalamityJane [GSW]1,042048.4%0.0%30,298
DR_SCHERZ [GSW]1,003050.2%0.0%6,271
Auaoil [GSW]1,033049.7%0.0%20,708
Jesman [GSW]973050.1%0.0%31,713
o0Schrotti0o [GSW]964049.4%0.0%8,143
Doser43 [GSW]874047.1%0.0%34
RL59 [GSW]706043.6%0.0%22,272
Dirtmaster2 [GSW]627048.1%0.0%1,834
Blaubarts [GSW]60826650.3%46.7%18,588
General_Beggi [GSW]570047.5%0.0%5,083
Weighted average1,28326550.8%11.8%17,272
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