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Players for clan GOOFY (GOOFY) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Kozmo__xD [GOOFY]3,298061.1%0.0%27,418
MR_J0K3R_ [GOOFY]3,134060.2%0.0%12,792
poulet_jambon [GOOFY]3,0692,86459.4%60.7%7,787
aleksa11 [GOOFY]2,786057.4%0.0%54,232
PANT3R90 [GOOFY]2,8002,86359.9%59.4%29,833
_Jack_The_Tripper_ [GOOFY]2,641056.6%0.0%19,802
_OneOf_ [GOOFY]2,529057.8%0.0%21,698
IAmTheNewPlayer [GOOFY]2,402055.5%0.0%7,050
Are_You_Sirius [GOOFY]2,302055.0%0.0%20,229
_Crys1s_ [GOOFY]2,3272,52655.8%57.7%69,389
Paska_Ovca [GOOFY]2,3043,35855.8%54.4%47,556
00mihec00 [GOOFY]2,4493,04057.3%59.4%33,525
Vitezpomijar [GOOFY]2,3513,18955.6%53.6%47,029
NeLE_PrO_ [GOOFY]2,310055.8%0.0%14,498
SpArTaN_XD [GOOFY]2,2123,19855.2%63.4%39,712
spirocro20 [GOOFY]2,357055.7%0.0%41,369
Zevs026 [GOOFY]2,2113,18155.4%54.3%44,009
MrzovoljniKondilom [GOOFY]2,056055.8%0.0%26,304
Kure00 [GOOFY]2,078056.4%0.0%51,257
exyugo1 [GOOFY]1,7992,77353.5%59.2%62,230
meconi [GOOFY]1,784054.0%0.0%42,791
kostolomacX7 [GOOFY]1,688052.9%0.0%27,626
ivancrong [GOOFY]1,712053.3%0.0%68,954
Dragan667 [GOOFY]1,7931,67954.7%55.3%46,222
Call_Me_Bajdza [GOOFY]1,5941,97352.5%60.1%63,963
Weighted average2,1981,44355.6%30.6%37,091
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