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Players for clan GO-HA (Go-Hard) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
nikolaink123 [GO-HA]3,282060.4%0.0%26,885
ImBabaYaga [GO-HA]2,9572,90261.7%63.5%6,378
SupperConqueror [GO-HA]2,9771,49358.5%49.5%4,570
JustBe [GO-HA]2,841061.0%0.0%35,729
astoxos_x [GO-HA]2,775058.6%0.0%49,708
ThorgrimGrudgebearer [GO-HA]2,6813,47557.5%60.3%56,909
GOLD_THE_BEAST [GO-HA]2,435057.2%0.0%20,936
soplik [GO-HA]2,476056.8%0.0%48,634
Gurra12345 [GO-HA]2,380055.1%0.0%21,973
valishx_ [GO-HA]2,352057.8%0.0%38,482
NewMode [GO-HA]2,3222,24956.6%54.8%43,164
MEGA_BOMBERMAN [GO-HA]2,297055.0%0.0%36,545
DeaDP0oL_ [GO-HA]2,2252,37056.9%61.2%55,030
demon_tank [GO-HA]2,2732,45756.2%58.8%33,184
TERMINATOR_ALA [GO-HA]2,0332,78154.1%58.3%43,917
_Alapunga_ [GO-HA]2,149054.6%0.0%23,687
Draxai [GO-HA]2,0782,32055.2%60.5%26,495
exea [GO-HA]2,1592,30154.7%48.8%77,660
Dr43eN [GO-HA]2,0552,11956.8%56.0%131,440
vokash [GO-HA]1,972053.9%0.0%31,616
JCB_kostas [GO-HA]2,018053.2%0.0%76,305
Gqt0r [GO-HA]1,941056.0%0.0%56,574
hip0 [GO-HA]1,8712,45555.4%63.7%47,857
DreamSeller369 [GO-HA]1,8742,27655.0%59.4%19,258
TUSSOS [GO-HA]1,8822,05453.1%60.5%103,461
patatomhden [KISS-]1,419053.4%0.0%3,758
stavros1551 [GO-HA]1,502052.2%0.0%17,902
Weighted average2,2151,35955.9%33.0%42,150
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