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Players for clan GMBLE (The Furious Gamble) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
KarlHeinz99 [GMBLE]3,840062.0%0.0%31,480
Granatenyannick [GMBLE]2,591056.7%0.0%22,582
Chriszitank [GMBLE]2,498056.2%0.0%30,288
Lennart0911 [GMBLE]2,2413,06356.5%63.7%22,261
Slay3R_hates_RNGesus [GMBLE]2,446056.5%0.0%25,068
huxx [GMBLE]2,338056.5%0.0%47,161
Gattler [GMBLE]2,302056.4%0.0%37,364
Babbabu [GMBLE]2,183054.9%0.0%21,668
Sterbehilfe16 [GMBLE]2,111054.8%0.0%21,926
NBRocky [GMBLE]2,1802,39056.6%55.6%56,132
Karnickler_minus1 [GMBLE]2,091054.4%0.0%28,450
Chrissi_Dissi [GMBLE]2,0603,05755.0%59.6%39,868
GreenVomit [GMBLE]2,0332,75155.6%56.4%46,532
pazi99 [GMBLE]1,9983,37052.9%61.6%44,423
Heidinger [GMBLE]1,955053.8%0.0%58,115
Alex_MitDen4Perks [GMBLE]1,943054.3%0.0%38,141
infocraft [GMBLE]1,820053.5%0.0%21,691
Dark_Zoey [GMBLE]1,781052.5%0.0%27,777
Mango_hold_my_Almdudler [GMBLE]1,739052.7%0.0%11,748
Generalhoschi [GMBLE]1,5541,96452.2%50.0%27,926
Dosenfutter_mit_Ravioli [GMBLE]1,444052.1%0.0%15,535
lestat43 [GMBLE]1,3551,67750.5%50.9%51,998
Weighted average2,1111,02254.9%22.4%33,097
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