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Players for clan GAPD (Görgei Artúr Páncélos Dandár) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
mester96_hun [GAPD]2,5402,49156.6%55.8%21,258
kovicsi [GAPD]1,9322,32453.3%51.3%27,748
benzinkecske [GAPD]1,876054.2%0.0%27,230
nursee [GAPD]1,7492,11853.7%53.4%19,113
Watermester [GAPD]1,860054.6%0.0%1,268
icsw [GAPD]1,556052.0%0.0%22,724
Greg024 [GAPD]1,450048.7%0.0%15,467
Platinumas [GAPD]1,470052.2%0.0%23,756
almanemfa [GAPD]1,380049.7%0.0%46,480
Hamcsi2 [GAPD]1,372053.9%0.0%809
dani4225 [GAPD]1,357050.9%0.0%14,027
Someone1972 [GAPD]1,297050.4%0.0%26,137
Mr_Balage [GAPD]1,213051.3%0.0%7,765
VNoel13 [GAPD]1,200052.1%0.0%8,573
Hamcsi [GAPD]1,189050.1%0.0%11,824
Gyenese [GAPD]1,1301,08150.8%53.0%8,178
mateking01 [GAPD]1,0871,37549.1%53.7%21,805
Don_Beano [GAPD]1,036049.1%0.0%14,041
Weighted average1,52961851.6%16.4%17,677
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