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Players for clan G-PRO (GAMING.PRO) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
RADEK_74_ILZA [G-PRO]2,4482,61154.9%55.1%91,500
k4rtozz [G-PRO]2,281057.8%0.0%13,347
Becker21 [G-PRO]2,1952,43955.4%56.6%30,918
kartozz [G-PRO]2,181054.2%0.0%21,969
ToTalNOob [G-PRO]2,0862,55654.0%55.3%27,194
n_cichy_pl [G-PRO]2,127054.8%0.0%15,277
ufucaniec [G-PRO]2,076055.1%0.0%17,454
wyszkow21 [G-PRO]2,132054.3%0.0%28,164
0jciec [G-PRO]2,0501,90654.8%51.7%28,351
Hawkeye761 [G-PRO]1,9872,44054.5%57.9%41,506
Sebo66 [G-PRO]1,7781,71353.2%51.6%28,113
Lysy2 [G-PRO]1,7382,00352.5%56.2%54,335
longhtorn [G-PRO]1,6751,64053.7%51.4%43,832
master_505 [G-PRO]1,6281,31650.9%51.6%23,632
DemoNcps [G-PRO]1,7082,03753.0%61.4%50,410
Starscream_PL [G-PRO]1,51198851.9%52.8%13,849
___GPRO___ [G-PRO]16,3140100.0%0.0%1
sosik69 [G-PRO]1,327050.4%0.0%51,370
stokrotka333 [G-PRO]1,233052.5%0.0%9,241
jedrek2011 [G-PRO]1,226048.8%0.0%52,356
daduria [G-PRO]1,223050.1%0.0%65,108
Tarantull_a [G-PRO]1,17094050.4%47.4%83,911
ACEdestroyer [G-PRO]1,0681,20950.3%52.0%10,612
rabarbarek [G-PRO]1,05886749.1%50.2%59,172
x7x [G-PRO]1,037048.0%0.0%36,778
j23_invader [G-PRO]1,0111,37948.3%47.5%57,182
Weighted average1,6231,19052.0%35.8%36,753
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