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Players for clan FUFLO (ЗОЛОТОЕ ФУФЛО) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
kander21 [FUFLO]2,4973,30057.4%63.4%42,431
ToT_KTo_HaDo [FUFLO]2,4762,86657.5%55.0%14,037
v_AzRaIL_v [FUFLO]2,4121,74657.8%47.3%13,769
Amulets [FUFLO]2,536057.5%0.0%36,688
RussianBear74 [FUFLO]2,2871,97857.4%48.2%15,840
bloodshed1 [FUFLO]2,248055.6%0.0%14,700
Angry_Alex [FUFLO]2,2522,08056.0%54.9%47,092
Ready_Steady [FUFLO]2,1601,87356.7%56.2%29,792
Luetti [FUFLO]2,177057.2%0.0%17,489
KACTOPKA [FUFLO]2,0911,67755.8%52.7%80,629
Xx_Hell_Of_Angel_xX [FUFLO]1,9291,87555.9%51.8%9,997
MSlawa [FUFLO]1,8442,13455.4%57.2%32,071
lammo [RIVAL]1,909056.8%0.0%44,108
JFL [FUFLO]1,9751,25354.5%53.0%39,471
chamalion7201 [FUFLO]1,8042,16354.5%55.0%29,254
kutila [FUFLO]1,737055.3%0.0%16,747
shura_odessit [FUFLO]1,7561,36459.1%51.3%80,815
SeM1337 [FUFLO]1,757053.0%0.0%24,266
zerodinx [FUFLO]1,5672,28253.0%60.4%27,024
KoPu4HeBblu [FUFLO]1,679053.0%0.0%10,479
Atomic_Highlander [FUFLO]1,406051.5%0.0%19,706
Weighted average2,0161,37156.1%38.6%29,713
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