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Players for clan FIFO (FiFo) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
conductiv [FIFO]2,4401,58158.7%50.9%34,565
Baconslicer [FIFO]2,311055.9%0.0%10,448
MrElusive [FIFO]2,184057.4%0.0%17,670
Clean [FIFO]2,164058.6%0.0%39,112
ilhilh [FIFO]2,186054.9%0.0%27,232
triggerbunny [FIFO]1,960054.6%0.0%17,543
Chimpychomp [FIFO]1,919055.2%0.0%8,325
Sajjetta [FIFO]1,797056.1%0.0%4,762
britinmadrid [FIFO]1,617056.7%0.0%31,046
jonesy [FIFO]1,756053.0%0.0%7,707
dellero [FIFO]1,653053.4%0.0%30,836
Meremortal [FIFO]1,650054.8%0.0%21,754
FatterBoy [FIFO]1,608051.1%0.0%5,546
Nutleyboy [FIFO]1,622053.1%0.0%15,409
bugs1963 [FIFO]1,528054.3%0.0%39,123
maxcromwell [FIFO]1,436051.7%0.0%28,362
andycle [FIFO]1,426051.6%0.0%16,389
GabrielLogan [FIFO]1,345053.0%0.0%13,655
combatturnip [FIFO]1,370049.5%0.0%15,243
Stiletto72 [FIFO]1,232053.8%0.0%14,785
Kerie_Thomas [FIFO]1,274051.9%0.0%18,373
M_E_T_U [FIFO]1,32169549.4%44.3%9,898
EARTHNO3 [FIFO]1,2351,16652.2%51.3%15,456
dave8472 [FIFO]1,128051.2%0.0%10,067
FIFO_26 [FIFO]1,123049.2%0.0%33,619
K1llerkings [FIFO]1,114049.5%0.0%15,080
SproutMaGinty [FIFO]1,041050.9%0.0%23,813
NZGamer [FIFO]965054.4%0.0%2,256
guzzichris [FIFO]9521,16550.3%51.0%45,487
Genesis_Shadow [FIFO]940051.6%0.0%5,504
raveldarklight [FIFO]845049.5%0.0%473
glenpark [FIFO]911048.5%0.0%7,501
Flymmo [FIFO]836051.1%0.0%2,084
ddriag [FIFO]809050.6%0.0%4,175
lbusoi [FIFO]786050.1%0.0%4,554
RyanCCooper [FIFO]685049.2%0.0%5,195
OnyxTheShadow [FIFO]533053.8%0.0%480
Weighted average1,54522053.4%8.8%16,311
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