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Players for clan FDAD (First Dutch Armoured Division) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
jeroenvos10 [FDAD]1,3411,99251.8%56.1%9,352
DutchBaron_ [FDAD]1,346051.1%0.0%11,144
WOLF_CRUSHER46 [FDAD]1,341050.6%0.0%27,944
Fastreflexes [FDAD]1,1571,69150.4%55.3%2,442
JelleP121 [FDAD]1,1171,25149.6%45.7%24,496
dirkktank [FDAD]1,0611,50748.1%52.2%11,253
Daan752003 [FDAD]9421,29950.1%55.3%16,058
Zooti [FDAD]8531,10550.6%52.0%11,994
6263Scoprio [FDAD]836049.2%0.0%13,499
pirry [FDAD]867047.7%0.0%7,251
Subobaal [FDAD]813048.7%0.0%6,770
Kereltje [FDAD]811049.8%0.0%9,287
wolfkiler21 [FDAD]809048.3%0.0%10,571
Plastic_Elvis [FDAD]777047.8%0.0%22,179
mlrsdude [FDAD]72874848.6%52.0%10,794
IHaveThePowerz [FDAD]7111,19947.6%53.4%8,763
LVJHJ001 [FDAD]68168749.1%53.8%4,188
droopieface [FDAD]699047.2%0.0%9,349
Sultas [FDAD]680048.4%0.0%9,442
the1keeper [FDAD]641048.5%0.0%7,558
GeorgeXXX [FDAD]641048.2%0.0%18,516
Hellsreaper [FDAD]63372046.9%46.5%25,603
Dinemx [FDAD]575048.8%0.0%2,840
chaortjie [FDAD]586048.1%0.0%5,230
Sgt_Crapgame59 [FDAD]633045.9%0.0%4,630
Iceskater [FDAD]543048.5%0.0%6,341
strateegp [FDAD]56778344.2%48.7%20,730
hjtox [FDAD]49256447.5%47.9%20,366
SilentHunter_GLD [FDAD]47863246.4%47.0%11,316
GrandPa_NL [FDAD]47370645.9%48.3%4,915
thomasken14 [FDAD]45273745.4%52.9%11,988
boemel_hpm [FDAD]45856246.2%45.6%19,017
MiTiNi [FDAD]429046.9%0.0%12,822
xftitan [FDAD]417044.4%0.0%17,436
calypsoNL [FDAD]40730843.8%38.1%30,590
Jock4leaves [FDAD]348045.7%0.0%7,665
Weighted average73646647.7%25.8%12,620
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