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Players for clan EPIC (Elite Epic Fail Clan) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Angheios [EPIC]2,5962,15058.1%55.9%47,526
Numenorean [EPIC]2,336057.2%0.0%48,251
Coruin [EPIC]2,3662,89659.2%60.7%108,891
giurza [EPIC]2,2351,73157.3%54.2%51,909
EGOIST [EPIC]2,446056.6%0.0%20,692
lilov [EPIC]2,200056.3%0.0%31,777
ZmejGorianin [EPIC]2,370059.9%0.0%15,706
XViking [EPIC]2,198056.4%0.0%25,116
verigite [EPIC]2,0862,31857.3%62.0%64,658
mitko1 [ANGER]2,154055.9%0.0%35,008
fidelisBG [EPIC]2,0722,10057.4%62.8%64,338
Raste [EPIC]2,0811,31758.3%49.8%25,962
tabakov1914 [EPIC]1,9902,02754.3%55.4%28,247
BuDdala [EPIC]1,950057.7%0.0%35,260
vampora [EPIC]1,8212,17654.0%55.8%21,181
Siralimus [EPIC]1,658051.5%0.0%10,789
katalara [EPIC]1,659053.2%0.0%6,669
fireto [EPIC]1,741052.9%0.0%10,885
Marabunqk [EPIC]1,791052.3%0.0%52,975
Xopxe [EPIC]1,729057.1%0.0%11,698
Bulgarion [EPIC]1,769054.3%0.0%12,285
kaly77 [EPIC]1,580053.1%0.0%13,340
ScarfaceV [EPIC]1,567051.4%0.0%27,234
bigbeer [EPIC]1,5821,15752.6%49.7%50,400
GUGITO [EPIC]1,527050.5%0.0%46,333
The_Voice_of_Reasons_1 [EPIC]1,476053.8%0.0%27,064
Mu3epHuk [EPIC]1,491053.1%0.0%53,807
h0rror [EPIC]1,525052.0%0.0%30,562
SmokingDice [EPIC]1,48287152.6%49.3%15,028
FIYS [EPIC]1,391051.6%0.0%10,706
radi_coko [EPIC]1,250050.5%0.0%20,495
Hvlck [EPIC]1,295051.1%0.0%44,023
deftones [EPIC]1,222049.6%0.0%16,538
Vaderfist [EPIC]1,033049.2%0.0%8,924
warlionvn [EPIC]1,063047.9%0.0%30,599
Weighted average1,89589054.9%24.4%32,139
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