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Players for clan EOW (Eagles Of War) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Kubixo [EOW]2,3872,92157.9%67.2%44,644
11SteelSniper11 [EOW]2,231060.9%0.0%972
Kazik9899 [EOW]2,188053.6%0.0%18,623
niesmialy_zabojca [EOW]2,123061.7%0.0%509
PLCzaro [EOW]2,076055.5%0.0%11,411
__Envy__ [EOW]1,9172,21655.7%66.4%39,005
Kaskader_Mike [EOW]1,898057.0%0.0%3,377
alubec [EOW]1,879054.1%0.0%28,016
Yp_Man [EOW]1,774052.0%0.0%30,694
DoctorSkacz [EOW]1,736053.3%0.0%24,054
SpaceBack [EOW]1,682054.5%0.0%11,586
001101011 [EOW]1,685054.8%0.0%30,190
Kubaj92 [EOW]1,579053.2%0.0%26,232
Johny00 [EOW]1,850055.8%0.0%8,634
kartofel1990 [EOW]1,613052.5%0.0%27,894
kacper6324 [EOW]1,550052.8%0.0%18,681
ZI0L0 [EOW]1,610052.8%0.0%26,966
Capt_Validator [EOW]1,529052.3%0.0%35,018
Master_Bula [EOW]1,5261,56352.4%51.4%16,049
ciemny321 [EOW]1,535050.9%0.0%8,811
Filipo480 [EOW]1,557054.7%0.0%7,853
ZdolnyAleLeniwy [EOW]1,458051.4%0.0%13,543
Majcher91 [EOW]1,608049.1%0.0%11,744
marjano87 [EOW]1,442052.7%0.0%16,925
Kinekd17 [EOW]1,437053.0%0.0%10,314
_INFIDEL_ErrorMachine [EOW]1,427051.9%0.0%45,326
ElfenLied7 [EOW]1,3931,32252.9%45.5%12,609
Common_ [EOW]1,326050.3%0.0%18,744
JarekC4 [EOW]1,296050.3%0.0%26,377
Kasztan25 [EOW]1,246051.1%0.0%18,388
teken20 [EOW]1,220051.5%0.0%8,841
bejotfau [EOW]1,209049.8%0.0%14,450
Duriel69 [EOW]1,187051.5%0.0%8,384
bosonq [EOW]1,161051.3%0.0%13,080
MastaKilla [EOW]997048.9%0.0%7,657
LadyPiastus [EOW]851048.6%0.0%4,477
kleszcz33 [EOW]767047.6%0.0%26,363
Weighted average1,59738252.8%10.3%18,282
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