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Players for clan D_M_N (Demons of Death) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_Brom [D_M_N]2,570056.9%0.0%29,053
legionar_1 [D_M_N]2,3521,54257.0%53.3%54,134
secessum [D_M_N]2,278056.0%0.0%44,552
albert1999 [D_M_N]1,616052.8%0.0%27,308
milic003 [D_M_N]1,683053.6%0.0%31,198
GoGo21 [D_M_N]1,7281,32051.1%52.6%40,120
debeli33 [D_M_N]1,619051.9%0.0%27,721
Desert_Fox91 [D_M_N]1,5752,00252.5%58.0%27,337
Pavle_MK96 [D_M_N]1,4292,07849.8%53.2%46,440
Xx_SkriLLeX_xXx [D_M_N]1,5601,08750.6%48.6%58,990
StefaNNN772 [D_M_N]1,367050.7%0.0%10,956
m4trixXx [D_M_N]1,3561,29049.8%49.7%40,907
Marko_Filipovic [D_M_N]1,340050.8%0.0%20,908
kawasakicale [D_M_N]1,280049.3%0.0%28,975
kumanmk [D_M_N]1,265048.2%0.0%79,285
riboadrenalin [D_M_N]1,2832,19547.9%48.8%94,476
Mlinka [D_M_N]1,171049.1%0.0%23,040
bugap91 [D_M_N]1,1631,59449.2%51.2%12,730
_Dzole_ [D_M_N]1,084050.0%0.0%15,336
Nikowarior [D_M_N]1,0561,27249.2%49.2%16,828
Marksmain [D_M_N]1,023048.7%0.0%17,653
Cabernet [D_M_N]1,027047.9%0.0%23,831
LazarMacak [D_M_N]1,023049.6%0.0%43,994
Narodni_Heroj [D_M_N]960047.7%0.0%14,997
61Pavel [D_M_N]882048.1%0.0%62,481
Weighted average1,46273250.7%22.4%35,730
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