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Players for clan DZB4N (Dzbany Kamila) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_AD4M [DZB4N]3,158058.8%0.0%4,628
TAZ__xXx [DZB4N]2,506056.7%0.0%16,394
_PIXEL_SHOT_ [DZB4N]2,231056.1%0.0%60,658
AngryPacMan [DZB4N]2,1212,15254.8%53.2%33,274
DaroHN [DZB4N]2,104054.1%0.0%38,304
orkan1234 [DZB4N]2,0612,28253.8%55.8%40,097
kokesz1 [DZB4N]2,072055.2%0.0%69,998
Grube_LooLoo [DZB4N]1,8992,45754.8%59.3%8,696
Madzik890 [DZB4N]1,9132,26753.3%55.3%25,894
Mara____ [DZB4N]1,8032,22453.3%54.5%77,324
kuniak997 [DZB4N]1,648052.8%0.0%22,187
PODDAR [DZB4N]1,6542,20953.3%55.2%63,127
Elort____ [DZB4N]1,649052.5%0.0%17,439
JackPl_19 [DZB4N]1,581052.0%0.0%20,747
baron_armata [DZB4N]1,453050.2%0.0%22,127
michal198118 [DZB4N]1,3792,23550.6%46.7%34,769
General_Kopanski [DZB4N]1,405052.6%0.0%24,396
Nippen [DZB4N]1,368050.4%0.0%24,141
kongo79 [DZB4N]1,256050.0%0.0%32,604
popapraniec123 [DZB4N]1,1011,59048.4%54.0%60,714
Blacha33 [TDST2]1,047049.9%0.0%14,867
remol123 [DZB4N]6941,22947.2%51.0%10,652
Weighted average1,7371,02652.9%26.4%32,865
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