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Players for clan DHLH (Die Himmelhunde) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
2Tilted4U [DHLH]2,455054.7%0.0%13,462
Linul_1 [DHLH]2,215055.1%0.0%11,845
John1807 [DHLH]1,9221,65053.3%49.0%16,086
I_DomiNatriX_I [DHLH]1,597051.2%0.0%8,746
high11enlord [DHLH]1,511050.4%0.0%33,986
DontBlameMeBlameGermany [DHLH]1,542051.8%0.0%41,753
Perry_Airless [DHLH]1,4201,40751.1%49.4%12,286
BedOfRoses [DHLH]1,2701,45150.6%48.0%41,051
DerMechaniker_ [DHLH]1,2332,71348.9%59.3%15,745
spike2007 [DHLH]1,1921,51148.1%51.2%17,803
Biker1002 [DHLH]1,201052.1%0.0%16,511
_MasterDude_ [DHLH]1,097049.3%0.0%18,855
Winterschlacht [DHLH]1,0511,02050.2%49.9%73,266
Kestrel101 [DHLH]1,0411,41547.9%49.6%81,903
gafor89 [DHLH]1,0171,12948.2%47.8%47,578
Resse11 [DHLH]1,035047.7%0.0%16,640
LC980 [DHLH]9761,26847.7%52.2%47,571
Sir_P4ss1v [DHLH]973046.9%0.0%15,264
NACHO_1904 [DHLH]9321,03747.1%45.7%64,558
Profektory [DHLH]928048.4%0.0%28,961
RRJM [DHLH]90677247.8%49.8%39,276
skodapit [DHLH]8841,12046.8%50.1%63,197
Toron_II [DHLH]89693646.2%45.9%76,530
vauseman [DHLH]806048.3%0.0%10,500
dwEndstadium [DHLH]818048.7%0.0%10,207
Ian_MacLean [DHLH]777046.6%0.0%27,114
adlerhaupt [DHLH]716046.8%0.0%13,676
ovec1981 [DHLH]697045.5%0.0%27,128
musser_jens [DHLH]60264146.2%43.8%31,964
AntaresMa [DHLH]412042.2%0.0%4,911
Weighted average1,07179548.5%33.0%30,945
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