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Players for clan DGDA (Die Gefährten des Ares) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_MuempelMaster_ [DGDA]1,783053.7%0.0%11,465
ronnydanger [DGDA]1,765052.7%0.0%28,847
Deltacell [DGDA]1,783053.5%0.0%9,460
dice76 [DGDA]1,4961,72351.6%44.0%14,862
PapaAlpha [DGDA]1,393051.7%0.0%27,663
Dioskuren [DGDA]1,275051.4%0.0%12,202
Onkel_Janne [DGDA]1,324054.2%0.0%43,104
betterdayz [DGDA]1,214050.0%0.0%9,991
Schwasser [DGDA]1,202050.2%0.0%18,134
Bastichecker [DGDA]1,117049.1%0.0%13,702
Sir_Grillan [DGDA]1,058050.1%0.0%13,076
heidekri3ger [DGDA]856052.5%0.0%1,845
Kollo67 [DGDA]783047.8%0.0%35,818
andy2208 [DGDA]811045.2%0.0%44,418
Dont_gunner [DGDA]734048.0%0.0%4,268
OberstVonBock [DGDA]74477747.8%44.7%28,128
Tanne5 [DGDA]776049.3%0.0%5,379
Dannyfait [DGDA]736045.1%0.0%11,657
freimatz [DGDA]713049.7%0.0%7,963
Oberst_Schredder [DGDA]68186446.3%46.9%30,545
Michael0607 [DGDA]665047.1%0.0%20,898
ulpl [DGDA]657046.3%0.0%28,040
CoffeeTrinker2017 [DGDA]6641,13946.4%50.0%18,330
Bester11 [DGDA]611048.1%0.0%6,483
Halt_dieFresse [DGDA]577047.5%0.0%2,823
lisamunzi [DGDA]58052645.3%46.9%54,926
_schwarze_baron_69_ [DGDA]537045.6%0.0%47,162
6PallasAthena9 [DGDA]494045.6%0.0%13,273
klaus2_2013 [DGDA]483045.1%0.0%13,783
21Prinz3 [DGDA]404044.9%0.0%51,688
BadMax2000 [DGDA]386044.8%0.0%6,423
railgunner1 [DGDA]413044.5%0.0%12,078
stefa_307 [DGDA]168042.9%0.0%16,280
Weighted average85018647.8%10.3%20,142
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