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Players for clan DEM (Deus Ex Machina) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
D_N_O [DEM]2,463060.3%0.0%27,018
3A_DEDA [DEM]2,2811,86964.4%56.8%42,769
Area_of_darkness [DEM]1,960060.2%0.0%49,933
Wakren [DEM]2,206059.3%0.0%18,825
CKAYT [DEM]2,212061.2%0.0%15,560
KepPoxaH [DEM]1,757052.9%0.0%9,762
KOCMOHABT [DEM]1,697055.1%0.0%23,781
Morning_Light [DEM]1,753062.8%0.0%596
HaBaXo [DEM]1,673054.1%0.0%26,801
T_60 [DEM]1,729056.2%0.0%12,026
djzheka [DEM]1,6361,52152.7%55.4%37,961
remmingtonn [DEM]1,352055.3%0.0%13,320
Yorgen_Griffin [DEM]1,333051.6%0.0%10,400
TuxyLLIHuk [DEM]1,201052.0%0.0%22,430
z0rg_ua [DEM]1,196052.1%0.0%7,219
External [DEM]1,159049.2%0.0%20,759
spiglis [DEM]872049.8%0.0%114,897
ruvim13 [DEM]599048.3%0.0%9,640
Weighted average1,55629754.9%9.8%25,760
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