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Players for clan DAWAY (Do You Know Da WAE?) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
TIGER_SILVER [DAWAY]4,1815,55264.2%64.9%13,497
KARRUN [DAWAY]3,724060.8%0.0%13,795
WerewolfMD [DAWAY]3,5143,33963.2%63.6%29,198
Kata_is_Great [DAWAY]2,9592,88059.2%61.1%2,243
jbass_ [DAWAY]2,9403,15261.2%59.9%17,032
Sannita99_ [DAWAY]2,9382,99558.2%59.5%19,435
saif_sadaqa [DAWAY]2,8673,00058.3%59.2%27,096
Hocus_Pocus_LENNNO_Focus [DAWAY]2,6473,55555.5%62.7%45,422
Aking_ [DAWAY]2,7013,22458.1%63.3%32,295
Hocus_Pocus_Arty_Focus [DAWAY]2,6743,77757.9%65.4%34,990
_Pacijentic_xDee [DAWAY]2,653061.4%0.0%20,239
Mc_Baboon [DAWAY]2,5532,86856.8%61.1%23,785
ThirdOrigin [DAWAY]2,4462,53457.3%60.1%19,070
EATME_Is_XhiaoLee [DAWAY]2,231054.1%0.0%5,484
Pfanner_Icetea [DAWAY]2,2942,46855.5%58.0%19,006
Belamyt [DAWAY]2,1941,75255.4%47.4%34,711
TankistaDor_ [DAWAY]2,0593,26255.4%65.8%30,323
Murris [DAWAY]2,1201,80656.6%57.8%28,735
Cire06 [DAWAY]2,1351,99255.6%57.9%165,027
johnysouth [CMERC]1,912055.1%0.0%24,955
MrScott [DAWAY]1,9452,00560.5%54.3%43,061
THELASTANGEL [DAWAY]1,951057.9%0.0%41,101
CTAPbIU_TTPOFECCOP_xD [DAWAY]1,7214,69852.5%56.1%23,744
terrortiffie [DAWAY]1,8272,29853.5%58.0%34,813
Weighted average2,3872,33857.1%50.8%31,210
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