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Players for clan DAGUE (Les Carabiniers [Clan Dague]) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Whys [DAGUE]2,698056.7%0.0%12,456
InFrItrust [DAGUE]2,029053.5%0.0%14,562
alkalef [DAGUE]1,842053.4%0.0%29,819
ares_fighter [DAGUE]1,795057.1%0.0%13,408
freddy52 [DAGUE]1,945053.6%0.0%36,657
syrus08 [DAGUE]1,939053.2%0.0%46,829
kaelzhandra [DAGUE]1,864054.6%0.0%30,902
brazeur [DAGUE]1,8112,29053.6%57.9%30,237
V1ger [DAGUE]1,8601,20954.6%52.5%49,240
xXfleauXx [DAGUE]1,7872,03553.2%50.2%41,661
EvilCoco [DAGUE]1,816054.2%0.0%40,114
azer1903 [DAGUE]1,680053.5%0.0%18,056
caravane36 [DAGUE]1,7451,61753.7%55.7%64,506
Siyak [DAGUE]1,751052.0%0.0%47,928
Ensiferum [DAGUE]1,832051.3%0.0%30,057
Piramaniacs [DAGUE]1,662051.9%0.0%18,554
63TYPHON63 [DAGUE]1,7201,66652.7%51.0%60,171
SQUAL_82 [DAGUE]1,620052.1%0.0%40,314
kikinoo31 [DAGUE]1,497049.1%0.0%13,239
basigouloum [DAGUE]1,5121,58652.1%45.1%21,110
Itsttl [DAGUE]1,598051.5%0.0%25,069
vilyan [DAGUE]1,6071,46351.2%52.7%42,244
Dams83 [DAGUE]1,559051.8%0.0%33,663
Franckette [DAGUE]1,525050.8%0.0%32,716
khaly87 [DAGUE]1,5161,58651.9%53.9%112,254
Billouman [DAGUE]1,460051.1%0.0%19,085
M4X1ME [DAGUE]1,578051.5%0.0%22,982
Sauryan [DAGUE]1,470051.5%0.0%16,313
warrior_picoman [DAGUE]1,453051.8%0.0%17,339
Mathieubc [DAGUE]1,176049.8%0.0%10,046
SEDULLOS87 [DAGUE]1,189050.7%0.0%613
Trust_Ricochet [DAGUE]1,010049.3%0.0%19,167
Weighted average1,69568452.6%22.1%31,603
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