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Players for clan CZP (ČESKÝ TAKOVÝ PRAPOR) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Bertik [CZP]2,608056.1%0.0%58,658
q_u_a_d [CZP]2,426055.3%0.0%39,097
mirda0771 [CZP]2,493055.4%0.0%28,789
tomipaci [CZP]2,355056.9%0.0%42,589
JAPS [CZP]2,164055.5%0.0%33,711
mugil [CZP]1,924053.3%0.0%60,719
KillValli [CZP]1,820054.1%0.0%20,438
Zimik [CZP]1,826053.5%0.0%15,124
Majkujos [CZP]1,916056.5%0.0%26,924
marek2534 [CZP]1,793053.9%0.0%63,466
msfik [CZP]1,798053.5%0.0%27,219
Panfilov [CZP]1,746055.5%0.0%18,716
Oggy63 [CZP]1,734054.6%0.0%39,923
dsigy3 [CZP]1,822054.0%0.0%35,650
millisek [CZP]1,819052.1%0.0%16,951
danmsh [CZP]1,752053.6%0.0%67,942
ujos [CZP]1,753054.7%0.0%32,110
Heighst [CZP]1,678052.2%0.0%9,097
warinka [CZP]1,681053.0%0.0%11,476
Luke_Skywalker1 [CZP]1,613054.1%0.0%75,847
Karlousek [CZP]1,599050.9%0.0%21,664
Lord_Preacher [CZP]1,540052.4%0.0%25,169
KAK__CZ [CZP]1,541054.4%0.0%31,857
warlockpa [CZP]1,566051.0%0.0%22,770
Kroitz [CZP]1,591051.8%0.0%43,923
Jered1 [CZP]1,476050.6%0.0%24,184
Colby85 [CZP]1,453052.4%0.0%33,608
assasinscrid [CZP]1,388050.4%0.0%13,194
Hugozhor78 [CZP]1,403052.3%0.0%21,068
1Reznik [CZP]1,358051.3%0.0%13,645
MemorySVK [CZP]1,377050.9%0.0%10,373
coolmancz11 [CZP]1,312048.8%0.0%17,728
_TREST_ [CZP]1,337050.6%0.0%46,080
77HeadOFdeath77 [CZP]1,253051.2%0.0%34,792
indian2569 [CZP]1,278050.0%0.0%61,398
Schnek [CZP]1,230052.0%0.0%18,528
dusek1153 [CZP]1,221050.6%0.0%20,959
martinrozsypal [CZP]1,194049.6%0.0%42,909
sat7 [CZP]1,235049.1%0.0%52,383
Patrik343 [CZP]1,071047.9%0.0%13,212
rtep123 [CZP]1,082049.3%0.0%12,014
Weighted average1,693052.9%0.0%31,851
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