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Players for clan CZOH (Company of Heroes.) on server EU

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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Golden_Drift [CZOH]2,1121,57353.7%52.1%39,028
stanlley01 [CZOH]1,9511,86053.2%54.9%40,825
Faryperko [CZOH]1,885052.8%0.0%41,192
Cimbal [CZOH]1,843051.6%0.0%23,941
Morticianuss [CZOH]1,615052.6%0.0%9,373
Darbus [CZOH]1,393051.2%0.0%11,415
RM75 [CZOH]1,338050.7%0.0%39,240
Geglik [CZOH]1,292050.7%0.0%13,276
Cervenejtrpaslik [CZOH]1,2501,47149.7%49.8%41,639
LABUZNIK02 [CZOH]1,253052.0%0.0%10,972
Ratafacek [CZOH]1,2861,19949.5%56.6%30,848
bapel [CZOH]1,2251,42051.1%53.8%25,321
petrsismis [CZOH]1,199050.5%0.0%14,667
Mezerka [CZOH]1,166050.1%0.0%19,833
SwenceskiCZ [CZOH]1,117050.8%0.0%12,195
Prskavec [CZOH]1,089049.8%0.0%16,137
TanisII [CZOH]1,092050.4%0.0%9,863
Geolog_cz [CZOH]1,1091,08649.7%50.4%37,583
Roxbery_ [CZOH]1,052050.4%0.0%8,364
Tygr23 [CZOH]997048.7%0.0%34,488
CirdOu [CZOH]1,008049.2%0.0%20,306
nofofr [CZOH]951048.9%0.0%5,423
Fidra [CZOH]920049.6%0.0%8,291
Toorcz [CZOH]959048.4%0.0%14,309
voci23 [CZOH]924047.3%0.0%19,228
Zfanda80 [CZOH]835048.7%0.0%12,606
Czemaster23 [CZOH]763050.5%0.0%2,034
virgil333 [CZOH]808047.4%0.0%33,502
pajasicak [CZOH]721047.8%0.0%15,534
NestJ [CZOH]718045.7%0.0%6,596
master679 [CZOH]722048.2%0.0%2,571
Hawlik1 [CZOH]615048.1%0.0%5,359
Vencic_CZ [CZOH]542046.6%0.0%9,736
ticinek123 [CZOH]537047.7%0.0%5,596
ladanek1 [CZOH]47643745.9%38.4%27,867
ma68 [CZOH]429045.2%0.0%19,442
Weighted average1,22547149.9%18.0%19,127
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