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Players for clan CZAD (Czarna Dywizja) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Chris_Bu [CZAD]2,964059.3%0.0%29,244
wicek2006 [CZAD]2,612058.1%0.0%46,654
Daniel1x [CZAD]2,582058.2%0.0%26,801
_G_U_R_U_ [CZAD]2,9072,59059.6%56.9%5,258
spectacularo [CZAD]2,418057.8%0.0%5,940
Trener12 [CZAD]2,414061.5%0.0%49,962
adamp25 [CZAD]2,452057.8%0.0%24,424
_SrogiePigulySebastianie [CZAD]2,517059.3%0.0%80,895
pawle123 [CZAD]2,357056.2%0.0%26,079
Fragu [CZAD]2,259055.9%0.0%31,060
charles2600 [CZAD]2,144054.9%0.0%42,481
Shermanpl [CZAD]2,1662,30155.1%52.4%51,736
Menel1916 [CZAD]2,245055.8%0.0%21,571
Hydro89 [CZAD]2,009053.4%0.0%14,818
nest5 [CZAD]1,987053.5%0.0%37,982
CykaBlac [CZAD]1,932058.3%0.0%2,805
Nivitz [CZAD]2,016057.4%0.0%25,971
DarudeShitstorm [CZAD]1,945054.3%0.0%31,580
Ashramm [CZAD]1,9261,61255.7%53.5%37,211
massa85 [CZAD]1,829053.0%0.0%34,946
_Bond_James_Bond_ [CZAD]1,7222,04351.5%52.6%58,140
ANTmariusz [CZAD]1,728052.8%0.0%40,926
zurawik [CZAD]1,6511,78452.9%56.6%20,407
zadlo [CZAD]1,6631,78952.8%55.8%93,224
YoURAa [CZAD]1,548053.1%0.0%17,727
Airon1402 [CZAD]1,412054.1%0.0%16,877
Odi_ql [CZAD]1,412051.6%0.0%44,931
homek [CZAD]1,08086750.3%38.8%22,625
Weighted average2,05256755.3%16.2%33,652
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