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Players for clan CODEX (Valhallan 193rd Armoured Regiment) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Utzed [CODEX]2,289056.2%0.0%27,912
Tankist0101 [CODEX]2,148057.9%0.0%23,294
graveworm21 [CODEX]2,044056.1%0.0%14,891
GraniteAzz [CODEX]2,022055.8%0.0%18,194
scottmor [CODEX]1,893054.0%0.0%8,177
Bast45M8e [CODEX]2,261059.8%0.0%8,641
Joyeuse [CODEX]1,839056.3%0.0%5,510
jac_tyb [CODEX]1,733054.4%0.0%24,350
bbb100 [CODEX]1,61489854.6%47.4%18,468
Der_Bundeswehr [CODEX]4,403078.9%0.0%6,814
Benson_W_Payne [CODEX]1,794064.2%0.0%212
RaqCzarnyPtaku [CODEX]1,388053.0%0.0%15,805
bialy100k [CODEX]1,447057.2%0.0%21,079
RaqWielkiPtaku [CODEX]1,40685052.1%45.3%32,307
TedMueller [CODEX]1,244058.6%0.0%4,345
quattrobob [CODEX]1,296062.6%0.0%9,606
Katerkolla [CODEX]1,376051.2%0.0%22,572
huddsman69 [CODEX]1,272055.3%0.0%9,075
leiber [CODEX]1,208053.3%0.0%5,351
MagnetTank [CODEX]1,130052.0%0.0%5,791
Moosipallike [CODEX]1,003054.5%0.0%3,965
Weighted average1,76015455.7%8.2%13,636
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