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Players for clan CLOUD (Clouds of Darkness) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
theRealKarlos [CLOUD]1,8361,87054.8%55.3%62,590
Scabadin [CLOUD]1,683053.9%0.0%10,473
Asutoo [CLOUD]1,6852,06554.2%57.0%33,019
Alaster [CLOUD]1,543050.0%0.0%14,078
Drlce [CLOUD]1,510052.5%0.0%17,582
Krothu [CLOUD]1,34298153.4%49.4%12,612
randalph [CLOUD]1,362051.0%0.0%20,603
Pharah [CLOUD]1,264054.2%0.0%3,466
LetThemHaveIt [CLOUD]1,087052.2%0.0%10,426
bc1203 [CLOUD]1,1161,37051.3%52.8%21,213
LewisUK [CLOUD]1,100051.4%0.0%3,096
St0rmkr0w [CLOUD]1,044049.5%0.0%9,781
taandi [CLOUD]935050.3%0.0%4,403
Podavich [CLOUD]9421,37049.6%54.9%22,342
Lyme_ [CLOUD]695046.9%0.0%9,861
MikeyTheHaggis [CLOUD]655048.3%0.0%2,318
xxjustjackxx [CLOUD]623045.6%0.0%5,272
Panicks [CLOUD]643036.7%0.0%49
M0r4 [CLOUD]413054.5%0.0%775
shinji27 [CLOUD]477045.9%0.0%4,556
OliverTH [CLOUD]441046.6%0.0%3,981
krykee [CLOUD]330044.3%0.0%3,315
joeyjoemcjoe [CLOUD]139043.4%0.0%2,127
biet [CLOUD]100044.2%0.0%104
cptspeirs [CLOUD]89043.7%0.0%229
funkiebuddah [CLOUD]24043.4%0.0%113
Weighted average1,35492451.9%29.9%10,707
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