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Players for clan CHUPS (Este clan es solo para hacer una misión) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Llorca [CHUPS]1,992054.2%0.0%17,961
Sgt_Highway [CHUPS]1,991053.2%0.0%22,165
corlagon [CHUPS]1,851053.2%0.0%29,293
Diego5194 [CHUPS]1,798054.7%0.0%17,545
esparragow [CHUPS]1,690052.1%0.0%19,957
Chukito [CHUPS]1,520052.9%0.0%7,429
griffy75 [CHUPS]1,545052.3%0.0%58,629
sarmentador [CHUPS]1,461052.1%0.0%19,370
broSniper [CHUPS]1,426052.1%0.0%14,322
j00j [CHUPS]1,453051.1%0.0%8,511
oPATXIo [CHUPS]1,375052.8%0.0%11,765
aleteroso [CHUPS]1,374051.4%0.0%13,618
Condergau [CHUPS]1,416051.4%0.0%7,652
_xXRaptorXx_ [CHUPS]1,339050.8%0.0%15,796
deaedlus_1 [CHUPS]1,238051.3%0.0%10,078
Llagartu [CHUPS]1,264051.0%0.0%14,199
pipeta [CHUPS]1,277050.9%0.0%33,561
rad1kal82 [CHUPS]1,047049.6%0.0%5,257
Goatman_14 [CHUPS]940052.4%0.0%5,522
Prydz [CHUPS]941050.3%0.0%2,176
Foguel [CHUPS]934048.9%0.0%10,131
ramonchup [CHUPS]865049.5%0.0%17,161
Rackkham [CHUPS]837049.2%0.0%7,532
dani_martin_79 [CHUPS]746047.3%0.0%8,550
Perrini [CHUPS]672048.8%0.0%5,535
Chuzzxx [CHUPS]48749745.2%42.4%23,278
Weighted average1,3942851.4%2.4%15,653
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