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Players for clan C3C-P (Comunidad Española de Clanes PlayForFun) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Akathis [C3C-P]2,2791,69457.6%52.4%96,140
Noelix8 [C3C-P]2,170056.2%0.0%62,018
rosonero [C3C-P]2,0932,26353.7%54.0%75,403
lospescas [C3C-P]1,8492,60653.8%57.3%118,633
Blasniko [C3C-P]1,557051.5%0.0%26,914
barcelog [C3C-P]1,6011,76552.3%48.4%23,886
Aircastellon [C3C-P]1,5101,76952.9%54.3%27,318
Menda75 [C3C-P]1,5291,22551.8%45.3%68,450
Zeben [C3C-P]1,5461,05650.2%45.0%50,069
tribaldator [C3C-P]1,4061,73750.2%48.6%42,855
C0cid0 [C3C-P]1,3391,44351.2%50.1%10,071
Buscavidas [C3C-P]1,45898052.0%42.3%57,996
EnjutoMojamuto [C3C-P]1,3741,91151.1%55.8%44,687
alexduring8 [C3C-P]1,311051.3%0.0%11,369
TatemakiKuno [C3C-P]1,2791,73951.7%58.9%52,541
zorvack [C3C-P]1,1891,02449.6%45.1%47,216
maroan70 [C3C-P]1,0831,18350.0%51.3%31,324
lezardi [C3C-P]1,0311,28748.6%49.9%35,905
Kratos2142 [C3C-P]978048.4%0.0%19,089
jcadeos [C3C-P]971046.2%0.0%10,522
Guthmann [C3C-P]876048.1%0.0%6,077
DJS_ADB [C3C-P]796049.3%0.0%2,691
joor72 [C3C-P]82387547.8%49.0%39,942
excoupe2 [STRON]791047.6%0.0%7,420
SrgtStuart [C3C-P]661046.9%0.0%46,852
Pistachus [STRON]551048.8%0.0%1,326
JaviTanke [C3C-P]501046.4%0.0%67,834
Weighted average1,4791,25351.7%38.7%40,168
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